Santa Run in aid of Acorns Children’s hospital

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In aid of Acorns Children trust our very own Russell Vernalls and his 5 year old son Benjamin Vernalls are competing in a 5km Santa Run at Cannon Hill Park (walking mainly), in Edgbaston Birmingham this Saturday 2nd December at 11.00am.  As part of the run Russ will be dressed up in a full Santa

Is your business GDPR ready?

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From 25 May 2018 onwards, all businesses that handle personal data must comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. The date given might seem far away, but with hefty fines on the table, this isn’t something you’ll want to put on the backburner. If you’re sick of sifting through legislation jargon and

TCNS gain Hikvision approved partner status

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A safe security solution for your business At TCNS we can install CCTV solutions to help protect your business from vandalism and theft as well as provide a safety net for any health and safety issues. We can design, install and maintain CCTV systems to best suit your needs In today’s age it is becoming

TCNS can deliver Patch Management to your IT infrastructure

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Patch management is a crucial for keeping your network secure, unpatched software leaves your network vulnerable to malware and cyber threats. When a widespread software security incident occurs, system administrators rush to apply the security patch or critical fix to hundreds of thousands of servers and workstations. TCNS patch manager helps you proactively address known

TCNS Launch Managed Cloud Backup

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Why our clients choose our Managed Backup Solution Reduced Costs: • Less storage space required • Less bandwidth needed • Recover to dissimilar hardware if needed Improved Productivity: • Back up more data in less time • Minimizing downtime with faster restore times • Restore a single file or a complete volume from any point

TCNS achieve Paxton approved installer status

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Do you know who's coming in and out of your building? You can take control with Paxton coded and networked access door entry systems. TCNS can install and maintain door entry and digital security equipment on various types of properties. From small residential projects to large business premises that may need to support thousands of

TCNS delivering fully automated cloud backup of business documents to safeguard against Ransomware attacks

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Even though data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, many organisations don’t back up more than a critical server and maybe a handful of workstation.  This not only hurts companies on the revenue front, but can also leave you at risk of losing critical files and data. TCNS can now provide a cloud service that