Network Infrastructure

Is your network slow and unresponsive? Are you unsure what hardware you currently have installed in your network? Are you unable to locate devices such as printers, hubs, switches modems routers etc? Do you have loose/untidy cables and unsure where they go?

If these are questions that you need answers for and you’re unsure what to do next, then please contact us on 0121 604 6224 and we can offer free advice and if required a site audit. We will provide you with the technical expertise and solutions to help your company compete in the information age that we are living in.

TCNS will design your network infrastructure producing detailed schematics highlighting IP addresses, physical devices, remote connections, Wan/LAN connections, cabling layout. We are able to carry out network diagnostics highlighting issues arising from incorrect firewall protection, VPN installation, poorly managed bandwidth. From this we can recommend what hardware/software is best fit for your organization and the smooth running of your business, whether it be the implementation of a thin client network, traffic management technology or a simple change of working practices.

At the heart of your businesses computer systems is the infrastructure, the backbone of your network. The reliability and quality of this backbone determines the level of continuity to expect from your business IT systems. All of our structured cabling installations carry a manufacturer 25 year warranty and are fully tested and certified to industry standards.

As networks are becoming more complex with updated operating systems, applications, and infrastructure choosing the right support can be a daunting task and is something that is quite often overlooked. This can lead to both data loss and system down time resulting in loss of productivity for your business. Unlike days gone by, the heart of every successful business is the IT infrastructure and once this fails your business will inevitably suffer.

We will not only provide you with a report showing our recommendations on future proofing, we can also strategically plan and develop your infrastructure so that you are up to date with new hardware/software/cabling/solutions on the market and the benefits these can add to your business.

TCNS are able to offer pro-active engineering and consultancy service to help keep you ahead of potential disasters. TCNS have been carrying out infrastructure design, implementation, management and support for many years and are very proud to be able to share this experience and technical excellence with our customers.