The potential for your business to be exposed to an IT security risk is now more likely than ever before as the commercial and domestic worlds become more connected.

For any business, managing business risk and information security is a practice that cannot be compromised. Many businesses simply do not have the resources or skills to carry out this roll. Managing business risk and information security remains basic requirements but are also increasingly more complex. This is where TCNS can help; our ICT security team will assess your IT security needs and work with leading Security Vendors to develop a security policy and system suitable for your business.

If you would like to discuss your Security requirements in more detail with our technical team please call us on 0121 604 6224

Protection for desktops, laptops Servers and Virtual.
Encrypts data on laptops, desktops and external media.
Encrypts files uploaded to cloud storage services.
Encrypts data across workgroups, local drives and network servers.
Filters incoming and outgoing emails blocking threats such as spam.
Inspects all incoming/outgoing web traffic and confidential information.
Gateway security examining all traffic from intended intrusion.
Two-factor authentication solution that couples digital certificates with an organization’s existing VPN infrastructure.
Monitoring of network endpoints to prevent the spread of malware and other threats.