TCNS can deliver Patch Management to your IT infrastructure

Patch management is a crucial for keeping your network secure, unpatched software leaves your network vulnerable to malware and cyber threats. When a widespread software security incident occurs, system administrators rush to apply the security patch or critical fix to hundreds of thousands of servers and workstations.

TCNS patch manager helps you proactively address known software vulnerabilities and security patch management, saving you weeks of time- and labour-intensive work.

Benefits of Security Patch management

Security patches released for Microsoft® or 3rd-party software, including Java™, are important updates that need to be rolled out quickly to a select group of servers or workstations. Failed updates commonly occur when packages are not installed properly, leaving computers vulnerable to security threats:

Reduced Hardware costs: everything is handled on our servers, helping to eliminate the need for expensive equipment

Increased reliability: The service allows us to deploy updates to selected machines so that you can check to see if the update is stable before releasing company-wide.  If an  emergency occurs, we can release a patch on demand.

Simplified Patch Management: Automate patching and reporting and save time by simplifying patch management on servers and workstations.

Expand on WSUS: Decrease security risks and limit service interruptions with up to date applied patches and controlling what gets patched and when.

Use SCCM with Ease: Keep your desktops, laptops, servers, and VMs patched and secure with the latest patches for 3rd-party applications.

Demonstrate Patch Compliance: Stay on top of vulnerabilities and view the latest available patches and the general health of your environment.

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