TCNS delivering fully automated cloud backup of business documents to safeguard against Ransomware attacks

Even though data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, many organisations don’t back up more than a critical server and maybe a handful of workstation.  This not only hurts companies on the revenue front, but can also leave you at risk of losing critical files and data.

TCNS can now provide a cloud service that is an affordable way to protect individual documents on workstations or laptops.  The service will automatically back up important documents on your workstations twice per day and can easily be restored from the cloud to any location in the world.  Backing up documents lets you scale your backup service, while providing you with greater protection against document loss from hardware failures, accidental deletions, or even ransomware.

  • Two automatic daily backups of documents under 50 MB
  • 56 versions to restore from per 28-day period
  • Coverage across text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations



  • Documents
  • .DOC—Microsoft® Word Document
  • .DOCX—Microsoft Word Open XML Document
  • .ODT—OpenDocument Text Document
  • .PAGES—Pages Document
  • .PDF—Adobe® Portable Document Format
  • .RTF—Rich Text Format File
  • .TXT—Plain Text File
  • .WPD—WordPerfect Document
  • .WPS—Microsoft Works Word Processor File


  • .KEY—Keynote Presentation
  • .PPS—PowerPoint® Slide Show
  • .PPT—PowerPoint Presentation
  • .PPTX—PowerPoint Open XML Presentation


  • .CSV—Comma Separated Values File
  • .XLR—Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
  • .XLS—Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet
  • .XLSX—Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet

* Backup Documents works for files up to 50 MB

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