TCNS gain Hikvision approved partner status

A safe security solution for your business
At TCNS we can install CCTV solutions to help protect your business from vandalism and theft as well as provide a safety net for any health and safety issues. We can design, install and maintain CCTV systems to best suit your needs
In today’s age it is becoming increasingly important that businesses are able to have a system in place to be able to effectively keep their business secure.
Advantages of CCTV Systems include:

  • Deter theft, violence and other crime
  • Maintaining general security within a business
  • Monitoring scenarios/activities
  • Obtaining visual evidence

Here at TCNS we strive to provide trustworthy, reliable products and effectively ensure safety within the workplace. Internal and external footage can be filmed and recorded at your premises. With remote monitoring also possible via the internet from a computer anywhere in the world.
Our engineers are extremely experienced in the field and can provide professional advice on the best location for any CCTV cameras at your premises.
We can tailor CCTV control equipment to suit the individual needs of your business. From traditional analogue CCTV to the latest digital CCTV we can help you give your business extra protection
Rapid advances in technology have resulted in image quality to become sharper, colours are clearer and there are a wide variety of features and services available:

  • Analogue/IP network Solutions
  • Variety of Cameras
  • Closed circuit TV
  • Internal or external surveillance. Pan, Tilt and Zoom
  • Remote viewing via mobile phones
  • Motion or alarm activated
  • Fast, reliable viewing via mobile phones

As a HikVision Approved Partner, we have access to the latest in CCTV systems. This means our customers will benefit from world-class products that are designed using cutting edge technology.

HikVision design and produce a wide range of industry leading video surveillance solutions for multiple applications, including systems for commercial and domestic applications.

For further information regarding the CCTV systems we offer please contact us 0121 604 6224 or email us on