You clicked on a simulated phishing test.

How did I end up here?

You have been redirected to TCNS in this instance so you are safe however the link you have just clicked could have compromised your account and have easily been redirected to hackers who will then exploit the vulnerability.

TCNS has noticed that there has been a sharp rise in phishing attempts while people have been working from home. Please take the time to go through the following information to help protect yourself and your company as you have just clicked on a simulated attack. 


Below are some tips to help you stay safer in the future

Tip: #1

Stop, Look, Think

Did anything look out of the ordinary? Did you recognize the senders address? Was it similar but not the same as an official email?

Helpdesk | TCNS  <>

Tip: #2

Look at the image below for Phishing signs



Tip: #3

When in doubt throw it out

If you ever think that an email is suspicious, it is better to sway on the side of caution. Forward it to for analysis.

Examples of what to look for in a phishing email.

Check to see if your email has been compromised via this website: